Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bressanone, Italy

August 20th

We left Switzerland on the morning of August 20th and headed to northern Italy.  Again, we had a full day of train rides with a stop in Innsbruck, Austria. 

This was one of the shops in the Innsbruck train station - filled wall to wall to ceiling with meat!  We ended up buying a sausage, Gene just couldn't resist.

After a long day of train rides, we made it to Bressanone, a beautiful town in northern Italy and the start of our Dolomites backpacking adventure.  We checked into our hotel, cleaned up, threw on some nice clothes, and walked around the charming town.  Of course, we stopped for an amazing dinner at this excellent Italian restaurant recommended by our hotel, complete with their homemade house wine.  The great Italian food experience begins!!

Here are some pictures from our evening in Bressanone:

Our hotel

The town is lined with these beautiful cobblestone walking streets.  During the day, the town was packed with people (all speaking Italian).  This was the main pedestrian road in Bressanone (Via Bastioni Maggiori).

Beautiful old church

One of the many decorative drinking fountains throughout the town.  Some of them are large fountains in the middle of a square, and I'm unsure whether it's ok to drink from it until I see locals running up and cupping their hands under the fountain of water.  So cool!

Another church lit up at dusk

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