Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pai, Thailand

October 6 - 8

We took the bus to Pai which is a laid back town about 3 hours northwest of Chiang Mai.  We spent a couple days there, riding motorbikes around the farms and the waterfalls and rode an elephant one day.

We upgraded to this room / suite with a huge balcony and gazebo area.

Pai River

Strawberry farm

Pai canyon

Rice Paddy

Random temple we passed in the middle of a rice paddy

Old War War II bridge 
(not really sure what the significance is, but that's what it's called!)

Some Thais working on the farm, we love their hats.

We stoped at this waterfall and went for a swim.

On the way back from the waterfall, we stopped at this farm where the owners provided some fresh fruit and homemade juice.

A couple pictures of our hotel - Baan Pai Village.

Our last day in Pai, we rode an elephant.

This was the elephant trainer - he stopped several times to pick up "magic mushrooms".  Check out his pocket!

Back at the elephant's home, we got to feed her bananas.  She also eats banana trees (she tore a whole tree out of the ground while we were on her and she ate it along the way).

Another elephant blocking traffic on the street. 

 Feeding the elephant bananas

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