Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thai Cooking Class - Chiang Mai, Thailand

October 2

We signed up for a full day cooking class, and it ended up being one of our favorite things we did in Chiang Mai.  It was awesome learning about all unique ingredients and going to the market to shop for them.  Of course the food was amazing also.

This is the market where we stopped in the morning to pick up the fresh ingredients for our meals.

Back at the cooking school, we chopped and prepared our ingredients.  These are the ingredients for Coconut chicken soup and Pad Thai.

Gene cooking his "Drunken Noodles"

Here's me cooking Pad Thai

And here's our class!  We had one Australian, a couple from Germany, two guys from Canada, and Gene and I.  We each have our own stoves for cooking our dishes.

Drunken Noodles and Tom Yum soup - Gene's selection.  I chose to cook Chicken Coconut soup and Pad Thai.

We each had to make our own curry paste based on which curry we selected to cook.  The big lump of red paste at the bottom of the screen was what I made for my Panang Curry.  Now ready to make cook the curry!   

The finished product - Panang Curry (the bowl on the left) and Chicken cashew stir fry (on the right).

Gene cooking his spring rolls.

Looking good!

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