Monday, December 10, 2012

Crossing to Anegada - Lobster & Flamingos

Thursday, November 29

We woke up after a great night at the Trellis Bay Full Moon party, and set sail for Anegada. The highest point on Anegada is 28 feet, so you don't see the island until you're about 7 miles from shore (Anegada is 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda). The entire island is formed from coral and limestone, so it's supposed to be a challenging entry into the southern harbor. Luckily for us, we arrived at high tide and around the full moon, so no issues with running aground which happens frequently.

We took a taxi to Loblolly Bay on the northern side of the island for some lunch at the Big Bamboo and snorkeling the reef on Loblolly bay, stopping along the way to view the flamingos that inhabit the island. The beach on Loblolly Bay resumbles the perfect Corona commerical! Everyone had a great time snorkeling and swimming in the bay, Chris spotted a sea turtle and Gene caught a massive queen conch.


 Loblolly Bay Beach

Later that evening, we went to Potters by the Sea for the famous Anegada Lobster (which was cooked by “Sam with a capital S" - how he introduces himself). Everyone agreed that this was easily the best lobster we've ever had – and the biggest! Gene put it perfectly after finishing his lobster when he commented that he had the “lobster sweats.”

Our Anchorage

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