Monday, December 24, 2012

Diving in Saba

Diving Off the Saba Reefs

We signed up for a two-tank dive with Saba Diving which is one of the local dive shops. It is only possible to dive in Saba if you go with one of the local dive shops. The entire surrounding waters of Saba are protected by the government and are considered a marine sanctuary park. The dives are also fairly deep as the elevation change that you see as soon as land begins continues below the water. There are a couple of pinnacles that you can dive around and through, as well as a few wall dives. Our first dive was a wall dive just off shore near Fort Bay. We saw tons of lobsters, bright fish and coral, and a nurse shark at the very end of the dive. The second dive was a dive around one of the Saba reef pinnacles. This dive was amazing with the brightest and most colorful coral and a few big sea turtles. We also saw the biggest lobster we've ever seen (which I'm sure there are many huge lobsters here since it's illegal to take them!).

During our dives, we had a great time getting to know our dive masters, Caroline, Michael, and Beezy. Beezy is from Germany and had just started working with Saba Diving 5 days ago, so he was along for the dives to better understand them. Caroline and Michael had been working with Saba Diving for a year, and they came to work here together. Caroline reminded us exactly of our friend, Melissa, and Michael was hilarious, so we all instantly became friends and made plans to go out to the bar near their house that night to hang out / celebrate the “end of the world”. Since the island is so quiet and there's not usually much going on at night, there wasn't a pre-planned “End of the World” party (most people had no idea about the ancient Mayan prediction of the “end of the world”). We had a blast with Caroline and Michael, and hope to see them again sometime in the future.

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