Monday, December 10, 2012

Trellis Bay & Our First Full Moon Party

Tuesday, November 27 & Wednesday, November 28

It took about 4 hours to sail to Trellis Bay from Soper's Hole. We planned to spend two nights in Trellis Bay, Tortola (Beef Island) where the traditional Full Moon party was scheduled for Wednesday evening. We were able to find a great spot to anchor in about 4 – 5 feet of water where we were close enough to swim directly to the beach and snorkel around the reef.

Kat's rice paper lanterns in action.

On Tuesday evening, we went to The Last Resort for drinks. Last Resort is a restaurant on the tiny island in the middle of Trellis Bay that is really just big enough for a small restaurant. During the few hours we were there, the electricity went out twice due to some issues they were having with their generator.

Kat's mom (Betty), dad (Tom), brother (Chris) and brother's girlfriend (Christina) were scheduled to meet up with us in Trellis bay on Wednesday late afternoon. Once they arrived in the bay, we picked them up and brought them back to the boat for some dinner before heading out to the Full Moon party in Trellis Bay hosted by Aragon Studios, an art studio owned by a local artist. The studio puts on a big show each night of the scheduled full moon with big beach fires, art work, music, and stilt walkers. Everyone had a blast at the Full Moon party dancing around the fire and meeting the stilt walkers.

Short video of the festivities!

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