Sunday, January 13, 2013

White House Bay, St. Kitts

White House Bay Anchorage
December 21 - 26

After checking into customs in Basseterre, we spent a couple of days doing laundry, provisioning, and finishing some repairs on the boat. We found a beautiful calm anchorage in White House Bay where we camped out for the week of Christmas. We relaxed on the boat for the first couple of days and snorkeled around the anchorage. White House Bay is home to a beautiful reef that lies close to the shore, and many of the St. Kitts snorkeling tour boats make a stop here with their tourists. Gene found an old cannon from the 1700s which was originally part of the Brimstone Hill fortress on the northern part of St. Kitts. Unfortunately for the reefs, we saw a number of lion fish – these fish are non-native poisonous fish.

St. Kitts & Nevis islands are home to wild monkeys which mainly hang out on the southern end of St. Kitts (near our anchorage) since it's less populated on this side of the island. We could see monkeys running along the shore of White House Bay and hanging around the bushes just off the road.that are destroying the reef all throughout the Caribbean and they don't have any predators (aside from humans who catch them and cook them up).

Approaching St. Kitts

Kalalau anchored in White House Bay

Gene snorkling around the anchorage

Lion Fish

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