Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leaving Antigua & Barbuda

Wednesday, January 23 - Friday, January 25

We sailed back to Jolly Harbor, Antigua on Wednesday in order to check out at customs and immigration and to troubleshoot our windlass which we were still having problems with even after the fix. When we arrived at Jolly Harbor, we attempted to anchor just outside of the harbor, but the windlass wouldn't work to drop the anchor down. We entered the harbor to try to pick up a mooring ball, but all the moorings were taken, so our only other option was to dock. The customs office has a dock, so we tied up, and got into the office to check out just before they closed. They agreed to let us stay on their dock that night/early morning while we tried to get the windlass working. We woke up early the next morning to work on it in the daylight, and realized that we just had a loose connection. By the time we got it working, it was pretty late into the morning, so we decided to get a slip at the marina for the night and head to Guadeloupe the next morning. After the huge seas we faced sailing to and from Barbuda, the boat really could use a wash down, and we needed to get laundry done anyways, so the marina worked out really well. We met a cute French family who were staying in the slip next to us for the evening. They were very nice and invited us over to their boat for appetizers that night. The communication barrier made it pretty interesting since neither Gene nor I speak French, and the husband and his wife speak a little English, but their three children didn't speak any English. Their English/French dictionary was really useful! They gave us some recommendations on where to go in Guadeloupe since they had just sailed from there, and we gave them some recommendations for St. Martin. They had sailed over from France and are sailing for about 10 months, with plans to stop in Florida to see Disney World, Cape Canaveral space center, and to fly to New York City. We turned on our underwater lights behind the boat to show their kids the big tarpon swimming around the docks. The kids were really amazed with Gene pointing behind the boat yelling “poisson” - at least we could communicate a little bit with them.

The follow pictures are of Jolly Harbor and Jolly Beach from the top of Reeds Point where some beautiful plots of land are for sale.  I stumbled upon the property during my run on Thursday around the harbor area.  Really spectacular views!

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