Sunday, April 21, 2013

Palm Island & Union, Southern Grenadines

Friday, April 19 - Saturday, April 20

After a beautiful morning run on PSV, we set sail towards Palm Island.  On the way over to Palm Island, we stopped at Pinese, another tiny sand bar island surrounded by reef, where there is a great dive site.  Nicki and Tim were able to get in one more dive before heading back to Atlanta.

We spent the majority of the afternoon anchored just off the coast of Palm Island which is home to an elite resort.  There is a beautiful reef off the southern shore that we snorkeled around.  I spotted a nurse shark within the first 5 minutes!  We saw a bunch of lobsters hidden under the reef, and Gene managed to snare one of them. 

Palm Island

We sailed over to Union Island later in the afternoon where we anchored for the night.  Nicki and Tim had arranged a flight out of Union on Saturday to get back to St. Lucia in time for their flight back home to Atlanta.

For our last night with Tim and Nicki, we took the dingy ashore for dinner in Union.  

 The anchorage in Clifton, the port of Union Island and the center of yachting in the southern Grenadines.  There's a floating bar just off the beach (the yellow boat).

 We had dinner at L'Aquarium overlooking the bay.  The restaurant had a huge aquarium.

Slipper lobster inside the tank

 One of several huge spiny lobsters

 Nurse shark 
(smaller than the one I saw earlier in the day while snorkeling)

 The next morning, we dropped Tim and Nicki off for their flight back to St. Lucia.  We had so much fun with them during their visit / Honeymoon Part 2.

 Nicki & Tim's "taxi" to the airport

 Gene and I walked around the town of Clifton and had lunch in one of the cafes.  Here's Gene in the main square - such a colorful little town.

 Goats grazing around the town.  Gene calls them "the island land mowers".

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