Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crossing to Grenada - Our Southernmost Island!

Sunday, April 21

We sailed south towards the island of Grenada when we woke up on Sunday.  There was very little wind and blowing out of the north behind us, so we decided to fly the spinnaker.  

Fun times flying the spinnaker

We were really eager to get the lines in the water since we had heard from a few cruisers that the fishing was really great as you sail south to Grenada. 

After a couple of hours, still no fish on the lines, but we did manage to snag a bird!  The bird flew into the line and managed to get it's wings trapped in the line.  I reeled the bird in close enough and was able to get his wings loose with a boat hook.  We were happy to see him fly off unharmed! 

We eventually caught a blackfin tuna!  Finally!

Some interesting land formations on the way to Grenada close to Kick 'em Jenny, an active underwater volcano.

 We arrived in St. George's Grenada about an hour before sunset and took the dingy around the St. George's Lagoon.

Our first Grenada sunset 

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