Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Seven Sisters Falls, Grenada

Friday, April 26

After a few days of cleaning and fixing things on the boat, we decided to do a hike in the interior of Grenada.  We took the local buses to Grand Etang which is almost directly in the middle of the island where there are several beautiful waterfalls and rainforests.  The Seven Sisters Falls are set of 7 waterfalls in the Grand Etang area.  There's a short 2 mile hike to the start of the waterfalls.  

Trail through the rainforest to Seven Sisters

Here are the second and third "sisters".  People can jump off of these two waterfalls into the pools below (supposedly, only the guides are aloud to jump, but if you have an awesome guide, he'll let you do the jump).  The higher falls in the picture is a 38 foot drop.

Gene and our local guide, Warren.  Warren is 20 years old and he's been jumping off these waterfalls for almost 10 years.  

Another of the "sisters" waterfalls - I think this one was #6.  We had to climb up to the top of this one to get a good view looking down.

This is the 7th falls and it's called Honeymoon falls because the pool below it is in the shape of a heart. 

Back down to the 3rd falls for more swimming.  This is the steepest one (38 feet) which the guides jump and dive off of.  Gene jumped off of this one, and Warren did a swan dive from the top.  We have both of these on video, so we will try to post them on the blog.

Here's Warren diving off of the lower falls

Here's Gene at the bottom of the falls after his jump.

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