Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prickly Bay, Grenada

Monday, April 22

After checking into customs in St. George's, we decided to sail to Prickly Bay which is an anchorage on the southern coast of Grenada.  The anchorage is really popular with cruisers and there are a bunch of other bays in close proximity.  All of the southern anchorages participate on the cruising net in the mornings, a very active radio announcement and cruisers forum facilitated by a cruising volunteer each morning to announce to the day's weather, social events, barter and trade of parts, services, and general announcements that anyone wants to make over the VHF to other cruisers.  Prickly Bay also is surrounded by a bunch of restaurants, a Budget marine chandlery, good location to the local buses, so we decided to make this anchorage our home base for awhile as we explored Grenada.

Entering Prickly Bay Anchorage

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