Wednesday, November 20, 2013

60 Hours of Travel: New Zealand to China to US to Chile

November 4 - 7

We left New Zealand on the evening of November 4th from Auckland and braced ourselves for the next 3 days of flights, airport layovers, and time zone changes.

With China Southern, we flew from Auckland to Guangzou, China, a 12-hour flight, on the new Boeing 787.  The 787 is a fairly new plane from Boeing, and they just started flying this plane for the Auckland to China route with our flight, so it was somewhat ground-breaking for the New Zealand airport.  

Here's the inside of the Boeing 787 in Business class.  Besides Gene and I, there was only one other guy in the 1st/Business Class section.

We landed in China at about 6:15 am and wasted the day away in the China Southern Executive lounge.  After ~15 hours of "lounging", we boarded our flight for Los Angeles.  The flight to LA was on the Airbus 380, a double-deck, four jet, airliner and the worlds largest passenger airliner.  The flight was 13 hours long, so we were extremely happy to be in business class seats  We were also seated in the upper level of the plane which was an amazing experience.  It got a little scary at times when we hit some bad turbulence, especially knowing we were just above the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Upstairs deck of the Airbus 380 looking down at the flight attendent. 

Gene enjoying his luxurious seat on the Airbus 380.

Beautiful sunset as we land in LA.  Back in the US for 20 hours before heading to South America for the remainder of our trip!

We landed in LA at 6 pm which felt really strange since we took off from China at 9 pm that same eveining (date-line crossing!).  After a nice 4-hour red eye flight from LA to Atlanta, we got to spend the day in Atlanta dropping off some luggage at the storage unit and saying hello to two of our best friends, Dana and Andrea (and do laundry at their house, AND borrow Dana's car to run errands - Thank you SO much, Dana!).  Later that evening, we hopped on our 5th and final flight to Chile, luckily only a 9-hour flight.  We were happy to arrive in South America where we would be on the ground for 3 weeks straight!

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