Monday, June 17, 2013

Rum Cay, The Bahamas

Thursday, June 13

We spent Thursday in Rum Cay to relax from our crossing and explore the island.  Aside from a small marina (no power or water), a tiny grocery store, and a small bar/restaurant, Rum Cay doesn't have much.  We took the dinghy into the marina and heard from one of the boaters there that the mail boat hadn't been to the island in 3 weeks, so they were completely out of beer, most provisions, produce, etc.  The mail boat was scheduled to come to the island Thursday night, so there was so excitement from the locals in anticipation of having supplies.

Clubhouse of the marina

An old restaurant at the marina, no longer in business.  Used to be a big party spot for fishing boats and sailboats before the Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy wiped them out.

The main square and public park

 The main dock 
This is where the locals await the mail boat carrying all of their supplies.  There's Kalalau anchored out in the bay.

Government building

Flush canal - flushes the marina

We had a BBQ on the beach Thursday night, inviting some other cruisers that we met at the marina and a couple of locals.  
Here's Gene on the back of Harvey's 4 wheeler going to pick up some ice for the beers.  

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