Saturday, March 23, 2013

Castries Market, Rainforest Zipline, and Errand Waterfall - St. Lucia

Thursday, March 21

After spending all day Wednesday fishing without catching a single fish, we were ready to get back onto land to explore more of St. Lucia with Laura and Eric. We rented a car in Marigot Bay Marina Village and spend the morning in Castries shopping in the open markets. Castries is the capitol of St. Lucia, but it's also where the cargo and cruise ship ports and ferry terminals are located. The city is extremely busy and packed with people – locals and tourists. Most of the locals work in Castries. We had a great time walking through and shopping at the markets where most of the stalls sell the same products, so the locals are very accustomed to bargaining with the tourists on the prices of their goods.

Entering the public parking garage in Castries.  
We got a kick out of the ticket sign!

Open market

Produce market in Castries.
We bough some tamarind from this lady and made juice the next morning.

After exploring and buying way too many souvenirs, we got back in the car and headed towards the Treetops Zipline Adventure Park. The zipline park is on the East coast of St. Lucia, so we got to drive through the rainforest on one of the few major roads that goes into the interior of St. Lucia.

We stopped for lunch at a little local restaurant on the beach in the fishing village, Dennery. It was neat to walk around the beachfront area and see the local fishermen bringing in their catch and cleaning their fish.

Local fishermen in Dennery pushing their boat into the water.

  Fisherman scaling his Mahi

View of Dennery, fishing village where we ate lunch

After lunch, we had a short drive inland towards the rainforest where the Treetops Zipline Adventure Park is located. There are 12 ziplines around the park, and many of them go straight through trees. Gene's mom was a fantastic zipliner, and Eric was a pro, the staff kept calling him Speedy. Everyone had a great time.

 Anxiously awaiting their start of the zipline tour

A view of the rainforest that the ziplines run through

That's Eric speeding down the zipline

Nature trails throughout the Treetop Adventure Park

Another zipliner going through the trees

One of the staff found this tarantula around one of the ziplines and was carrying it around all day, shoving it in people's faces!

Later, we drove a little further inland into the rainforest to a trail that lead to Errand Waterfall, the second tallest waterfall in St. Lucia. It was beautiful!

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